Business and Emotions


                                                                         An Advantage or a Drawback?


Some say it is better for a person to control their emotions at work, while others stress the importance of expressing emotions especially in decisions making.

This dilemma differs from a person to another, and whatever the verdict is, it makes us realize other people’s motives and the way they perceive things.

The recent massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal illustrates this issue well. The reaction of certain employers - especially in the UAE - denying the leave applications of their Nepali employees has attracted people’s attention. The decision of banning those workers from traveling back home to see their families and bury those who died was agonizing. As sad as it may sound, many people found it normal and reasonable, and this is where emotions come into play.

While the Nepal embassy in the UAE was feeling empathetic towards its nationals, urging employers to allow their Nepali workers to go home, these employers were afraid their workforce wouldn’t come back. This response was out of fear of losing money and having to pay their employees’ visa fees again. Although fear is considered as an emotional response, money and business purposes were able to control these emotions and make the decision makers feel indifferent instead of coming to a responsive decision.

Nevertheless, in different scenarios, emotional intelligence, which is “the ability to recognize one's own and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately,” enables business persons to bring the best out of themselves and people around them. Emotional intelligence helps us channel our emotions into positive energy, hence a better performance. This implies on every work-related activity from the simple act of recruitment, to boosting employee’s productivity and securing great customer services. 



Jenny Kassis

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