Is social media taking over our social life?


In this era of high tech-revolution, social media is undoubtedly becoming a fad and people are striving to give their life a meaning amid the turmoil of this contemporary trend.

Whether a student, an employee, an entrepreneur or a businessman, every person is exposed to social media and its tools whenever and wherever they are in the world.  

Time indeed flies so fast. However, through the various platforms of social media, time frames and boundaries are no longer an issue. We are being able to capture every moment and make it last as long as we desire.

Blogging, posting or tweeting allows us to shed light on the themes that matter the most to us. We are not the audience anymore, we are not just followers any longer. By using these techniques, we are becoming broadcasters, photographers and writers. We are becoming leaders who have their own audience, their own followers.

However, with all this social revolution that is keeping us busy by our mobile phones, computers and tablets, aren’t we missing out on real life outside these screens?

Technically, we aren’t but effectively, we are!

Social media has some drawbacks after all. Privacy is one of the main facts that are in question. Our life is entirely at the reach of others whether relatives or anonymous people. Social networking is also considered as a big distraction and time waster as it decreases ones productivity at work. It also reduces our sense of empathy towards people around us in favor of people we barely know or celebrities that we follow.

So what is more “social “to you? Your real life or the way you are identifying it?


Jenny Kassis


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