Access Internet at the Speed of Light LiFi technology comes to life in the UAE

LiFi, a new wireless optical networking technology that transmits high-speed data using light rather than radio bands will change the way we work, play and manage our daily lives. It provides endless opportunities for the safe and secure application for the Internet of Things, the connection between people and things. As the demand for energy, data transmission, and high-speed communication grows exponentially, everyone must play a role in energy management, and LiFi enabled LED lights play a vital role in the quest for sustainability.


Recently, UAE-based technology company Zero.1 successfully launched Light Fidelity (LiFi) in Dubai. LiFi technology brings Dubai’s ambition to be a ‘Smart City’ to life. It provides endless possibilities for the Internet of Things (IoT), the connection between people and things. Zero.1 is at the very heart of this technology.


Light Fidelity technology uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for data transmission providing for broadcasting information, geolocalisation, geo-marketing, bi-directional communication, networked and high-speed data communication. Installed in LED light bulbs, the LiFi chip modulates light (imperceptibly) for optical data transmission, in a similar way to WiFi, but with many superior characteristics.


Zero.1’s research and development team have created a platform of LiFi enabled LED with their IOTA© (Intelligent Outdoor Tower Automation) product range which takes the traditional LED street light and adds layers of communications.


The IOTA changes the way public spaces and resources are managed. Together with the advanced City.1 software, it provides experiential and management solutions for public spaces, community places, industrial hubs and commercial plots.


Marc Fleschen, CEO of Zero.1 mentioned that in conjunction with their project partner du, the company has been able to initiate the first demonstration of its kind in the Middle East.


Any private or public lighting including street lamps can be used to provide LiFi hotspots and the same communications and sensor infrastructure can be used to monitor and control lighting and data. IoS and Android Smartphones can be connected directly using LiFi.


A striking advantage of LiFi is that it can boost the network speeds about 100 times faster than the conventional WIFI system available. LiFi is the fastest and cheapest wireless communication system and is the optical version of WIFI.


It is believed that the technology can yield speeds more than 10 Gbps, allowing an HD film to be downloaded within 30 seconds. Every light source in homes and offices could potentially be a LiFi within 20 years.


Today, the Internet by LiFi in your home is like owning a new generation OLED TV instead of LED TV. In the not too distant future, LiFi technology will be widely available and cost effective for all. It also provides a solution for environments where current WiFi is unsuitable due to the risks of Radio Frequency such as airplanes, oil rigs and hospitals giving the cost to benefits ratio a tremendous value.



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