BigMemory helps bolster e-commerce


A major retailer in Australia developed and launched its own e-commerce platform amid the growing preference of customers for online shopping. The company, however, discovered last year that the online platform could not handle the influx of shoppers visiting the website especially during the holiday season and promotional campaigns. A slow website leads frustrated customers to abandon their online shopping carts, resulting in lost revenue and unpleasant customer experience. Ultimately, the low site performance reflected poorly on the entire company.


This prompted the large retailer to tap BigMemory to solve the issues efficiently and quickly without requiring any significant changes in the current design set-up and exceeding the given budget. BigMemory has implemented relevant measures to resolve the issues.


First, it increased the capacity of the online platform to accommodate a huge number of site visitors especially during peak season. The increased capacity would guarantee that the site is up and running all the time. Second, BigMemory ensured that the capacity can further be extended to support more than 35,000 registered users. Third, it made sure that the product inventory would be managed in-memory, resulting in 50 per cent faster database response. Finally, in case of a server crash, BigMemory guaranteed available user session data.


With these measures, the site is able to support 50,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) to expand online product offerings from grocery to general merchandise. Most importantly, the changes resulted in revenue growth and enhanced customer experience. Bashar Yaish, Vice President for the Gulf Region, Software AG, said: “It only required minimal changes in the existing application code for the measures to be fully implemented. We completed everything within four weeks. The full implementation came ahead of the upcoming major toy sale wherein we expect a spike in the number of online shoppers. BigMemory completed the job with flying colors now that the customers can do their online shopping without any hitch.”


BigMemory provides a platform enabling the e-commerce sector to manage large data volume growth. In most cases, BigMemory implements measures with minimal changes in the existing application in less than two months before the site goes live.


About Bashar Yaish

Bashar Yaish is Vice President for the Gulf Region at Software AG. Bashar’s career reflects pioneering experience, outstanding achievements and record-breaking solution sales performance. He has been a consistent member of Oracle’s Excellence group, “Top Achievers Club”. Bashar has a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Jordan and a Master’s degree in Business Admisnitration from University of Huddersfield, UK.


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