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On the side of the Digital Analytics and Marketing Optimization training held in Dubai last February, Jenny Kassis talked with Eric Fettman, Analytics Trainer and Coach, E-Nor and Bilal Saleh, Principal Partner, E-Nor to learn more about Google Analytics and how it helps optimize digital marketing.


Please give us an overview about E-Nor and its activities.


E-Nor is a leading web analytics and digital marketing optimization consulting firm headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California. Our clients include Fortune 500, as well as organizations with advanced analytics needs and those aspiring to establish a data-driven culture. E-Nor leverages it's time-tested digital analytics optimization framework to bring actionable insights to some of the world's most recognized brands including Sony, Intuit, ADP, VMware, MIT, SanDisk among others. E-Nor was founded in 2003 and has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, New York City, Tampa Bay Area and Brussels, Belgium. We have achieved multiple Google certifications including Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller, Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), Google AdWords Certified Partner, Urchin Software Certified Partner and Website Optimizer Certified Partner.

E-Nor is a Premier Corporate Sponsor of the Web Analytics Association (WAA), and E-Nor's consultants are frequent speakers at leading industry conferences. We are very active in the industry in terms of participating in international events on analytics. We also have an active blog that many readers benefit from, and we just published an eBook. E-Nor has recently launched a training program in almost every major city of the US and is now offering the same training in Dubai.


Which kind of companies or organizations do you train?


We train companies that are part of E-Nor’s portfolio. These companies include commercial and governmental organizations. Representatives from many different types of organizations participate in our trainings. Furthermore, the US government is one of our customers. The largest deployment of Google Analytics premium in the United States of America goes to the US government. We also offer trainings with these large accounts. Thus, E-Nor trains clients on how to use and benefit from Google Analytics. In that case, the training is tailored to the customer’s specific needs and the problem they are trying to solve.


What kind of challenges do Google Analytics users face?


The biggest challenge users can face is getting beyond the default installation of Google Analytics. A basic implementation of Google Analytics is a straightforward thing: you just need to add the tracking code on every page of their website, and Google Analytics will start generating your data. However, this data will be incomplete and not organized in a way that is easiest to interpret.

As one important example, Google Analytics does not provide any goal tracking by default. You yourself need to map the most important user actions to goals so Google Analytics can break them out into separate reports with specialized metrics such as a conversion rate. You could try to figure out goal conversion from the default Pages report, but it is much clearer and more actionable to designate specific goals for Google Analytics to track.


If you have an Ecommerce site, you can even go beyond goal tracking. Google Analytics Ecommerce report can provide purchase details such as product ids, sales tax, and shipping fees. Ecommerce tracking, however, does require special coding, whereas goals can be easily configured directly through the Google Analytics interface.


So goals and Ecommerce can really help you zero in on important activities that take place on your site. The other end of that equation is understanding who is coming to your site and what is driving the visits. Correct attribution is therefore another topic that we really emphasize on during our training. For instance, if you're sending out an email newsletter with links back to your site, many of the resulting clickthroughs will appear, by default, as direct traffic, and all paid search engine traffic will appear as regular organic traffic. In our training, we really emphasize how to ensure clear and correct attribution for all clickthroughs back to your website.


Another important focus of the training is segmentation. Many Google Analytics users review all reporting in aggregate, but it is much more actionable to apply advanced segments or view filters so you can break visitors down by source. It is more valuable to identify 50% conversion increase from a specific referrer than a 5% overall conversion increase for all visitors. It is really only through correct traffic attribution, segmentation and goal or Ecommerce tracking that you start to understand what is happening and what has been really effective in terms of your marketing initiatives. There are several technical challenges along the way as you're implementing and configuring Google Analytics, but the main challenge is getting beyond the basic installation so you can get real insight about what is happening on your side and start taking action to increase visitor engagement, optimize your marketing channels, and generate more value overall.


Given that Google Analytics improve conversion optimization, how does the training you organized help businesses in Dubai?


The objective of the training is not only to build the technical and analytics skills that they need to make Google Analytics effective, but also to convey the power of analytics and conversion optimization. A dedicated, long-term focus on analytics can generate huge rewards, and we hope to inspire all training participants to make a commitment to use data in driving continuous improvement for the benefit of their organizations and their end users. Organizations in Dubai can really use analytics as a competitive advantage to reap the greatest rewards of a dynamic and rapidly growing market, and our aim is to provide the conceptual foundation, the hard skills, and the motivation to make it happen.


About Eric Fettman


Eric Fettman is Analytics Trainer and Coach at E-Nor and author of the Google Analytics Universal Guide: Best Practices for Implementation and Reporting. Eric is also the developer of googleanalyticstest.com, a community learning site that has earned recognition as a leading resource for Google Analytics Individual Qualification preparation and practical Google Analytics skills training. He has earned certification as a Java Programmer, as well ISO 9000 quality management internal auditor qualification, which strengthened his commitment to continuous business performance improvement and customer focus. Eric has appreciated the opportunity to provide live Google Analytics training in the United States and in the UAE. As an educator and himself a lifelong learner, Eric most enjoys working with others to strive, grow, and excel in digital marketing optimization and all endeavors.


About Bilal Saleh


Bilal Saleh is a Principal Partner at E-Nor responsible for the US Southeastern region based in Tampa, Florida. He is a veteran of the mobile industry and has a background of more than 20 years as a global executive with experience in consulting, qualitative and quantitative market research, business development, sales, marketing and general management. Bilal has institutionalized rigorous data-driven marketing and sales processes based on competitive threat, market demand analysis and leads qualification. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering, a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He holds three granted U.S. patents and is a member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA).



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