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Technology is crucial to all businesses and sectors across the globe. We got talking to Sarwan Singh, Managing Director, Prologix who gave us an overview about the IT solutions they provide and informed us how this sector is moving in the region.


Could you please tell us more about Prologix and the services you provide?


Prologix is an established provider of a wide range of IT business solutions, management solutions and managed services that cater to the ever-changing IT and business needs of the region. With the most complete portfolio in the industry, under a single hallmark, Prologix offers data storage management, infrastructure, security, storage, test and measurement, telecom, wireless, software and web solutions among others.


In 2006, Prologix LLC reinvented itself by introducing its value-added distribution arm. Since then the VAD has been relentlessly striving to cater to the region’s increasing demand for niche solutions in the fields of wireless and test and measurement. This market represents a huge potential for Prologix as the need for connectivity has become a prime concern for countries in the Middle East. As the smart city trend gains steam, we are keen to position ourselves as the solution provider of choice for the innovative endeavors that both public and private sector organizations begin to undertake.


Headquartered in Dubai, the company has branches across the UAE and other Gulf nations as well as India and Africa. The company aggressively pursues strategic alliances with market leaders across the globe in order to be the first to introduce technologies into the region. This has resulted in accelerated growth for Prologix LLC, which now boasts of an extensive portfolio of products, solutions extending to managed services, and various other client offerings.


In which sectors do you apply your solutions?


The company maintains strong emphasis on technologies and solutions which are tailored to key verticals like banking and finance, government, oil and gas, healthcare, hospitality, education, aviation, and other sectors in the region. We regularly identify and introduces to the market technology solutions which help meet the specific IT needs of the region.


What are your latest realizations?


Prologix as a company has always believed in delivering apt technology solutions to our clients. At every step, we think about delivering beyond expectations. We have realized that people today look for simple technology to make their lives easier and we work towards providing them with simple solutions. We have realized that companies today want to focus on core business leaving the IT worries aside. Hence, we shall be focusing more on providing our clients with professional services like AMC, maintenance of their IT infrastructure and continuous process improvements in 2014. We are also working on strengthening our presence in the field of wireless, test and measurement as well as RF.


We know that innovation has always been your point of differentiation in the market, how do you work to achieve that and always come up with new concepts?


Our modus operandi involves tracking the prime trends in the market, identifying market leading vendors whose solutions help address regional specific concerns and then investing heavily in order to build up the skill sets and supports necessary to make the solutions readily available to our customers in the most efficient and professional manner. Since the region is now at the forefront of technology adoption, there is a definite need for skilled professionals who can understand the customer's requirements, help them chose the correct solutions and then design these. Implementation of the solution is managed by our experienced squad of post-sales support that helps resolve any technical glitches client’s faces, at any time. We in short, represent the partners around the world in the region they could never focus on, and help them reach target segments.


In your opinion, are there any typical areas that need immediate attention?


Focus on vertical markets and provide specialized solutions to each of them. Strike deals with enabled partners in order to provide right mix of technologies to customers and drive their business, enhance efficiency and profitability. Our strategy is to stay ahead of others by entering into right segments on right time and delivering solutions to the niche.


From your experience, how do you see the IT sector moving in the MENA region?


Over the last couple years, there has been a new wave of spending resulting from increased confidence in the region and a number of governments’ initiatives. Consequently, many of these new infrastructure undertakings require leveraging the latest IT systems in order to manage monitoring, control, communications, security, automation, data etc. This will undoubtedly continue in 2014. IDC, an industry research agency has predicted that Middle East IT spending will exceed $32bbn in 2014 and Prologix believes this is indeed possible.


Three dominant trends in the industry in 2014 will be cloud computing, big data and mobile computing. With these, businesses are capable of reducing their Cap Ex and converting it to Op Ex instead. This is why, managed IT services are emerging as a viable new revenue stream for IT solutions providers in the region. Prologix too has tied up with a prominent telecom provider in the UAE and will offer cloud based IT services such as document management to its customers. This enables their IT teams to focus on new areas of growth rather than tending to constant maintenance and troubleshooting. Because access, transmission, storage and analysis of data will be vital to all of the aforementioned trends, IT security will have to be inherent in the solutions that organizations now deploy. Historically, businesses have treated security as akin to insurance- no one wants to pay for it but when things go wrong, everyone wants to have it. This is a mentality that is changing. Businesses are now being far more proactive and giving consideration to IT security during the planning and design phases of their projects.


What are the latest trends in wireless security vis a vis wireless communication?


Advances in wireless communication have always been accompanied by upgrades and enhancements to the wireless infrastructure. In a few short years, we have seen wireless networks that incorporate authentication and encryption to be compliant with stringent FIPS 140-2, UC APL, JITC and NTIA standards.


The next trend on the horizon is the 'internet of things' (IoT) which is considered to be the next evolution of the internet. We will see all types of devices go online and their connection to the internet will feature two main characteristics- it will be wireless and much of the interaction will be without human monitoring. Since the processing power on all these devices may not always match up to that of today's computers and smartphones, new lightweight algorithms and encryption techniques will need to be developed to keep wireless communications secure despite the massive influx in traffic.


What are the needs of government and private sector; is there an overlap in terms of security requirements, an elaboration or cross comparison? Government communications are inherently required to be more secure than enterprise communications due to concerns of national security and national pride. Take for instance the attacks we have witnessed through 2013. Many of these were politically motivated and were therefore targeted at government organizations with the intent of tarnishing the country's image.


Private sectors today also prefer to stay secure. And thanks to government regulations and compliance needs, private companies are also forced to invest in cyber security. Given that IT is essential to the smooth continuation of business, it is very important for any enterprise to protect their infrastructure against any cyber-attacks/malware/virus.


What are your plans for the near future?


We aim to have about 5000+ channel partners and 50+ brands in our products portfolio. Prologix has been consistently growing since its inception and has been doing exceptionally well when it comes to representing the brand in the MENA region and taking care of pre-sales, sales, marketing and entire post-sales support. We aim to cater to the segments which have never been looked into and we will kick off 2014 by providing wide range of services to Technology and College Labs.


About Sarwan Singh:


Sarwan Singh is Managing Director of Prologix. He is a highly motivated professional IT executive, with 14 years of experience in operational management gained within the IT and telecommunication sectors. Sarwan has an extensive experience of designing, implementing and managing IT and t infrastructure, software and services development initiatives for clients throughout EMEA, US and India.


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