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Salman Kaldari, CEO, Mackeen Technology talks to Capital Business about their state-of-the art solutions and activities in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.


Please tell us about the services and solutions that Mackeen Technology provides in the Qatari market.

Mackeen Technology is renowned in the Qatari market for its in-depth market knowledge, exceptional technical skills, special vendor relations, and above all, the company’s overall commitment to the industry and its genuine dedication towards ethical execution of all its projects. Our portfolio of services and solutions include Archiving Solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Development, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Management & Quality Assurance, installation of Close Circuit Televisions (CCTVs), Fire Safety and Point of Sale (POS) Solutions, Distribution of Technology products and IT Infrastructure Processing. We have the richest technology stock in Qatar, which enables us the advantage of delivering existing projects on time.


Which industries do you cover?

Mackeen Technology has a diverse portfolio of services and solutions that cover various industry verticals such as hospitality, banking, construction, telecommunication, healthcare, education and transportation. We have handled a number of projects in hospitality sector and are targeting more industries from different sectors and outsource sales force campaign.


What do you provide for banks in particular?

Mackeen Technology has developed innovative solutions for banks to capitalize on their ATM services in compliance with stringent measures set by the Qatar Central Bank. We offer advanced ATM support, including 24/7 ATM Monitoring, Incident Management, On-Call and Proactive Maintenance, System Supplies, and Control Center Function, among others. We have a dedicated team of experts to take care of the technical aspects of ATMs right from software to screen care while the scope of work can extend to surrounding ATM elements such as lighting and cooling.


How are your activities aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030?

One of the main targets of The Qatar National Vision 2030 is to transform Qatar into a technologically advanced country by 2030, capable of sustaining its own development and providing for a high standard of living for its people. Our strategic growth plan is aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030. We at Mackeen Technology always strive to bring the latest technologies on board and integrate them with the highest level of professionalism and integrity towards finding the best solutions for our clients. More importantly, we are eager to complete all our projects on or before promised dates to avoid any kind of delays.


In your opinion, what is the impact of video surveillance on the development of the GCC?

We believe that video surveillance solutions play a vital role in the development of the GCC. It has evolved significantly from primarily law enforcement solution to public monitoring system as well as for home and workplace management. Video surveillance is highly effective in measuring traffic flow, detecting cause of road accidents, monitoring pedestrian congestion, tracking consumer demographics in shopping and leisure facilities, observing visitors’ footfalls in hotels, restaurants and exhibitions, and keeping a tab on endangered species, among many others.


What is your competitive advantage in the region?

The greatest advantage of working with Mackeen Technology is that we offer customized solutions to our clients that are suitable to the local market conditions. Qatar is a growing yet sensitive market where we have built a brand name and reputation by providing reliable, affordable and cutting edge solutions as well as prompt customer service. We share an amazing relationship with some of the leading vendors in the region, enabling us to offer bespoke solutions to customers or promised dates.


Which strategy will you employ to develop this sector further in the region?

We have a simple yet effective strategy to develop this sector further. We hire the best candidates who have tremendous record of excellent educational qualifications as well as professional experience. Moreover, we maintain close relationships with our vendors while looking out to build up fresh relations with new vendors across the globe. In addition, it has always been our endeavor to bring novel solutions in technology to always stay ahead of competition.


Where do you see Mackeen Technology in the next few years?

Our short-term strategy is to strengthen our position further in Qatar while in the long-term, we want to expand in the Middle East. In Qatar, we are striving to distinguish ourselves from other companies by virtue of state-of-the-art solutions, world-class customer service, affordable pricing, and commitment to deadlines.

Currently, Mackeen Technology has offices in Qatar that service its local and regional customers. We have begun to explore the regional market, having opened branches in some other countries. Furthermore, we have plans to open up more offices in the GCC in the near future.


About Salman Kaldari

Salman Kaldari is the Chief Executive Officer of Mackeen Technology, one of the fastest growing technology companies in Qatar. Salman is a technology industry expert, with extensive experience and knowledge in latest information technology trends and concepts. Having worked in the technology field in Dubai and Qatar, he possesses in-depth local market knowledge, he also works as a consultant to some vendors in the region for testing and app’s interface modifications. Salman is a graduate from the University of Qatar, with a major in IT.


*By Jenny Kassis


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