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Established more than a decade ago, CommVault helps companies protect, manage, and gain business value from their data. Capital Business magazine met with three of CommVault’s top executives: Ron Miiller- Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales; Bassam Hemdan, Area Vice President - Middle East, South Africa & Turkey and Nizar Elfarra, Systems Engineering Director, MEA to learn more about the data trends that are greatly impacting the Middle East.




What are the reasons for the data explosion that we are witnessing today?

There are a number of reasons behind this data explosion. It is mainly related to compliance requirements; the philosophy of “more is better”. Companies are usually afraid to delete any of their data as they might need to use it in the future. Many companies ask themselves if they can selectively “delete” or rather “delete all” their data. But since they don’t want to delete all the data, they keep it. Thus, analytics and big data reflect the necessity of taking action in order to get insights out of the data that people are storing. Therefore, we look at a strategy on how to deal with data sprawl, and there are many solutions that treat data equally.


 Are there any industry statistics that give an idea of the growth in data volumes?

From our perspective, we see a 30% to 60% growth in data volume within our customer base annually.


Are Middle East organizations facing data growth at the same rate as experienced in the US and Europe?

What we see at the global level is indeed similar to what we see in the Middle East. The data explosion that is happening globally is related to the digitalization and the amount of data generated on account of the mobility and BYOD trend. Every industry, whether it is in Europe, US or even in the Middle East, has to take data growth into account. It is something people are finding very challenging. However, it is mandatory now to consider how to manage this data. If we look at the other side, we need to figure out how information is becoming valuable at the moment due to compliance, marketing and analysis reasons. Also, we need to know how can we manage and protect it.  

All of these challenges are common worldwide, but the adoption of technologies varies from region to region.

How can organizations turn Big Data into Big Intelligence?

Partially through applications. What we deliver is an ‘Inside-out’ approach. Primarily, we help companies protect data. We protect all the corporate data assets by creating a virtual repository of all this data. It could be mobile data or machine generated data or any other type. All that is under our control we can expose to our own search engine. Thus, we allow companies to search their own data assets end-to-end and begin to dig insights out of that. Today, most of the organizations that are trying to get value out of big data, are creating another copy of their data. This data backup allows them to repurpose it and access it instantly. Our objective over the long term is to work up with a line of business applications that could tap into this repository that we create. We would have these applications under our management so we can enable them to provide better insights to our joint customers.


Why is the Middle East market important for CommVault?

This region is very important for us. It is an area footprint where we have great opportunities for growth. We are underpenetrated in this market when compared to other parts of the world. Therefore, it is important for us to fill that void and strengthen our presence.



Could you please tell us about CommVault’s data management innovations?

We have been at the forefront of various areas for the last fourteen years. Everything we stand for is considered as the biggest innovation in the industry. We have built a unique data management architecture that allows enterprises to securely and efficiently discover, protect, manage and create value from data.

Simpana software is built from the ground up on a single platform and unifying code base for integrated data and information management. All functions share the same DNA and back-end technologies to deliver the unparalleled advantages and benefits of a truly holistic approach to protecting, managing and accessing data. It offers investment protection with a core software platform that is flexible, modular, and ready to conquer new challenges as they emerge. This software does the jobs of many ‘point’ products, in a simpler, better and more cost effective way.

None of our competitors has been able to deliver this concept yet. We have a lot of competitors that deliver parts of what we do but they do it through acquisitions. Those solutions create complexity and more risk points that consequently stand in the way of productive collaboration.


What do industry analysts say about CommVault and how is it positioned in the industry?

They say we are leaders in innovation. One of our taglines is “Solving forward”. We developed that based on a customer’s feedback who told us: “You actually solved my problems before I even know that I have them. You do it because you listen thoughtfully to the industry and to me as a customer. Commvault brings solutions to market before the industry even identifies them as problems.”

Our industry analysts see the same thing. They realize that Commvault is constantly innovating faster than any of its bigger competitors. This is because we build an organic platform from the ground up and it is far easier for us to bring new innovations to the marker earlier than the others.


Why has CommVault been participating every year in Gitex and what value does it see in exhibiting at this event?

Gitex is a key event for us in the Middle East. It is a platform for us to form alliances and strengthen ties with channel partners. This event allows us to target cloud service providers and introduce them to our enterprise data-management platform Simpana 10.

We also are using Gitex to demonstrate our new Simpana® cloud management capabilities and Simpana Solution Sets designed to transform how companies of all sizes protect, manage and maximize the value of business information amidst a rising tide of data and compliance requirements. As enterprises deploy private and hybrid clouds to increase business agility, the new Simpana Solution Sets are designed to speed cloud adoption and data center modernization by delivering next-generation software innovations. Supporting mobile productivity and improved self-service access, the Simpana Solution Sets help customers lower cost and reduce risk with enhanced data and information management for all leading cloud, hypervisor and storage platforms.


With the offices you have in KSA and the UAE, are you planning to grow your presence further in this region?

This market stands in need of our solutions. We are planning on placing representatives in different locations across the region. Qatar would probably be the next country where we will be expanding our presence. 



About Ron Miiller

Ron Miiller is the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at CommVault Systems, Inc. Before assuming his current role, he served as Commvault Systems, Inc.'s Central Region Sales Manager. Prior to joining the company, Ron served as Director, Central Region Sales for Softworks, Inc. . He also worked with Moore Corporation, a diversified print and electronic communications company in various leadership roles.

About Bassam Hemdan

Bassam Hemdan is the Area Vice President - Middle East, South Africa & Turkey, at CommVault. He has 18 years of IT Business Management Experience holding various senior management positions in companies like EMC, Cisco, Oracle and NCS before joining CommVault.


About Nizar Elfarra

Nizar Elfarra is Systems Engineering Director, MEA at CommVault . He has rich technical experience in data management. Prior to joining CommVault, Nizar held senior technical positions at EMC, Nortel, Sun Microsystems and Symantec.



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