Smarter shopping experience



Nearbuy pioneers in smart technology for retail sector with state of the art 3D virtual way-finders and a unique shopping app.


Developed by a start up company of the same name, Nearbuy app and 3D Virtual Tour Wayfinders are both the first of their kind in the UAE.


Nearbuy shopping app enables mall-goers to receive and browse through not just sales and promotion offers, but new collections, fashion events and receive shopping recommendations on the go!

Based on their individual preferences, users are requested to pick only the brands that they want to follow at the initial set up, this making it the most ideal and personalized shopping companion, only giving shoppers a snapshot of relevant information from these brands.


This presents a unique opportunity for retailers to connect with individual consumers who have downloaded the app and opted in for the service not just by presenting an outlet to reach their audience but also to engage their shoppers with relevant messages based on their preferences.


While fully protecting its user’s personal data, the app can also provide retailers with real-time monitoring of how various categories of shoppers interact with their brand helping them to understand shopper behavior.


“By continuously bridging the gap between shoppers and brick-and-mortar retailers, we are proud to help the UAE become a ‘smarter’ shopping place”, explains Nicolas Standaert, General Manager, Nearbuy. “Thanks to our unique technology and direct links with retailers, supported by a network of ‘shopping hunters’ on the ground, we make sure our users get the most updated info on the brands they like.”


Launched in July 2014 and having successfully passed the beta testing phase, Nearbuy is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Nearbuy already covers 100 plus brands across 14 well-known malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with more to be included in the near future.


On a further note to making the UAE a ‘smarter shopping place’, in 2014 Nearbuy introduced the most intuitive and flexible 3D Wayfinding solution conceived in Europe.


The solution’s unique virtual navigation experience helps not only shoppers find their way in large Middle East malls but also assists large venues in enhancing visitor experience.


Nearbuy kiosks are placed in strategic locations and offer venue operators a unique spot to display messages including searching and locating points of interest, 3D route projection through a virtual tour, easy access to practical information, calendar of events, dynamic pop-ups of relevant content such as promotions and suggestions with several languages being supported including Arabic.


Nearbuy kiosks not only offers information through the latest state of the touch screens but it is also a fully modular which allows the kiosks to be refreshed with the latest content as per the requirements of the venue. Nearbuy kiosks also provide prime digital advertising space in locations where the target audience is most likely to be receptive to these messages.


This unique software has already been implemented in 15 plus malls in Europe and can be experienced locally at two flagship malls namely Lamcy Plaza and Arabian Centre in Dubai.




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