Effective information management

Information management has had a great impact on organizations that fear to stumble and fall. Nicole Stephano, Senior Marketing Manager, Project Delivery, Bentley Systems talks about the fundamental keys to implement efficient information management and Bentley System’s latest cloud services.


•   What is the importance of information management for companies today?


Organizations are under more pressure than ever to deliver projects faster, while minimizing risk and reducing cost. These challenges demand effective project information management that streamlines project processes and ensures data is captured, managed, preserved, stored, and delivered to the right people at the right time while maintaining data integrity. Project information management goes beyond simple document storage to include the linking of interrelated content, along with its status and relationships, to other relevant information, ensuring access to accurate information, in context, for improved visibility and better decision making.


•   How does information management enhance the efficiency of users’ activities?


Organizations employing project information management best practices will enhance the accessibility of information to project participants, improve process efficiency, experience greater productivity, be able to respond to change more ­­effectively, and afford the project stakeholders the visibility and, hence, insights, they need to ensure the delivery of high performance projects.


•   What are the fundamental keys to implement efficient information management activities?


To be more efficient, organizations require a project information and content management platform that streamlines collaboration and provides integrity of data-centric work processes throughout the project lifecycle including initial planning, design, construction, and handover.


•   What is Bentley Systems doing in this regard?


Bentley is extremely excited about the introduction this year of the CONNECT Edition of its software and services offerings, starting with MicroStation, then ProjectWise and Bentley Navigator. The CONNECT Edition supports a hybrid computing environment for comprehensive project delivery that spans design, analytical, construction modeling, and reality modeling. This new generation of Bentley solutions extends Bentley’s offerings for design integration and work sharing to now encompass deliverables management and construction execution. With the CONNECT Edition, users will increase individual productivity, unify multi-discipline teams, ensure data integrity, and improve project performance.


•   How do you update different stakeholders about a certain project while tracking the changes that might occur?


With ProjectWise CONNECT Edition, Bentley offers a collection of new cloud services that allow for seamless collaboration in deliverables management, project sharing among participants, and project dashboards with key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytical views for project stakeholders. InThese services ensure that information and deliverables are available on-demand, offline and mobile, and support intelligent alerts and performance metrics so stakeholders can understand trends, recognize issues, and control the impact of change.


•   What are some of the challenges that you encounter?


Many organizations now realize that their project information management is inefficient. They recognize that their multiple data repositories throughout their enterprise make it difficult for teams and stakeholders on new projects to find and reuse accurate information. This results in unreliable information exchanges with project participants, which delays review cycles and causes information loss at all phases of the project.


•   How do you improve data integration without using costly and complicated software?


ProjectWise is built to support the most complex engineering, work-in-progress document management process. ProjectWise offers a federated information mobility platform supporting many technologies and data sources and unlimited document/data formats with secure online/offline access. This eliminates silos of information, streamlines collaboration and information exchanges, and provides adequate reporting and data protection for all project participants and key stakeholders.


•   What would be the five tips you could give for businesses to better manage their information?


First, eliminate inefficiency in project information management from both the design and construction phases of project delivery. Second, employ processes like BIM that facilitate information mobility to improve productivity and help reduce time traditionally spent recreating and validating information that already exists across teams and across the asset lifecycle. Third, migrate away from the use of point solutions, which introduce a myriad of disconnected applications for design and collaboration that create information silos that need to be connected. Fourth, establish business strategies and a technology roadmap that take you to a CONNECTED Environment for Comprehensive Project Delivery. This CONNECTED Environment should enable:

  • CONNECTED Projects
  • CONNECTED Enterprises 


Fifth, make sure that your technology provider has a long-standing compatibility commitment so that all applications and servers can be used interchangeably.



About Nicole Stephano

Nicole Stephano is Senior Platform Advantage Manager, Project Delivery at Bentley Systems. She is responsible for marketing Bentley’s Project Delivery and Information Mobility Platform products, which include ProjectWise and Bentley Mobile Apps for all industries and markets. She has more than 20 years’ experience in product marketing with major project portfolio management providers.

Prior to joining Bentley, Nicole was VP, product marketing and strategy, with ARES Project Management LLC, a small project controls provider. She successfully launched its next-generation cost management system and supported a 20 percent year-over-year revenue growth for the company. Nicole began her career with Primavera Systems, responsible for all applications serving the AEC industry and major capital owner-operators. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Finance from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pa. 


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