The Case for an MBA in Marketing


The common query before entering any field of study is whether that field in question has adequate growth avenues and if job opportunities in that particular area are growing. However, for any student of an MBA in Marketing, it does not need to be any particular field or industry which needs to grow. Any industry which is growing means that there will be a growth in employment opportunities. This is based on the simple reason that all industries have marketing as their primary requirement. From Heavy industries, to services, to tourism and transport, marketing a product is a primary need for any industry.


It has to be understood here that in the present day global business environment, one of the core requirements for the success of a business is the existence of a strong marketing plan backed by equally strong implementation. This marketing plan has to be supported by competent management professionals and a strong management that knows the nuances of the field.


For students to be successful marketing professionals, they need to have the right education, professional skills, experience, and also creative and people skills. An eye for detail and a continuous desire to update your knowledge about the world (particularly the world of technology and marketing) are also qualities which can help you be a successful professional in this area.



A common musing of every student who is informed of MBA Marketing as a career option is whether he/she possesses the qualities to be a marketing student and eventually a marketing professional. To dilute this doubt, we clarify the fact that the only real desirable quality is that the student has some exposure to business and marketing in the real world scenario. This however does not mean actual professional experience, but just a basic overview of the way product marketing works and the need for it. This will help students immensely when they are actually taught the basics and theories in the classroom and will enable fast assimilation of the concepts due to the real life connections they will be able to form.


The world of Marketing has changed rapidly, primarily due to a change in the modes of marketing and advertising. Companies today have a variety of new media options including Social Media and online advertising to reach the customers. The marketing industry has expanded rapidly in the gulf region in the recent years and is expected to grow even further during the next decade mainly for two reasons: The upcoming EXPO 2020 in Dubai and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Big data and access to consumer behavioral data is a very important field which helps companies understand consumer behavior and predict potential customers and growth avenues. Hence, these allied areas of marketing are also expected to grow rapidly. The desirability of an MBA in Marketing has also grown for both students and employers in recent years with the visible shift to digital and online marketing. Companies and businesses now have their own in-house marketing teams, since consumer behavior and trends change rapidly and they have to continuously innovate in this field.



An MBA in Marketing is a gateway to potential employment opportunities in high

positions in advertising agencies, PR firms, marketing research firms, in-house corporate marketing houses, and also for in-house opportunities in non-profits and charity organizations. A few potential designations held by MBA Marketing graduates are marketing manager, brand manager, and modern titles including online marketing & retailing manager.


Although the wider field of marketing is divided into a number of specific areas, a holder of an MBA in Marketing does not need to pursue careers in this field alone and is free to use his/her skill sets in a number of other career options which can be present in fields as varied as consulting and entrepreneurial management.


However, if you like the sound of taking on a diversified role in an ever-changing landscape, the role of the marketing manager might just be your calling.


A specialization in Marketing can be your single point of entry to a career where you can modify your role to suit a number of positions in an ever-changing career landscape depending on the most in-demand employment trend. The dream job that you had always sought may just be a step away if you take the simple decision of including Marketing as one of the components of your specialization in the MBA degree course. For, a degree combined with knowledge of marketing would open a number of new positions which a simple MBA would not have. You may also choose to add any other preferred specializations to ensure that you are in sync with the upcoming trends in the market. For the dedicated graduate, among the various positions on offer, might be your dream job of a marketing manager at the finish line of the MBA course.



Last but not the least, it is important that when you choose your institution and the study program for an MBA in marketing, you verify the availability of qualified faculty who are updated with the latest developments in the field and are connected with the employers and the industry. This will help you to learn about the latest trends and also ensure that the jump from theory in the institution to practical - hands on work in your job is minimized. A person who has experience of working in this field, like me as a Marketing manager in my previous occupation, is able to better enrich students with knowledge of the real world through examples of actual situations that they might face in their jobs. There is really no alternative to hands-on experience.


About Dr. Obeidat

Dr. Obeidat is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the American University in Dubai. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Marketing. Prior to entering academia, he worked in various marketing and managerial capacities in top Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. including UPS, ADT Security, and McGraw-Hill. His research interest lies in various consumer behavior topics such as consumer attitudes, cross-cultural consumer research, and online shopping behavior. His current work focuses mainly on the MENA region. Other research interests include organizational behavior and leadership.




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