A Path To Leadership

Photo Caption: Thomas Lundgren – CEO, THE One


According to you, is it possible to make it with no prerequisites or college degree in the competitive world of business?

Life is much tougher today as a result of the emerging competition in the workforce. Without an MBA or any other qualifications, you won’t even be called for an interview. More people are starting their own companies now than ever because of the lack of work opportunities. Back in the day, you could make your mark in business without any prerequisites but now unfortunately, it’s next to impossible.


How would an idealist be able to concretize a successful path and what does it take to become successful?

There are four stages to becoming successful – first you have to dream, become an entrepreneur, a manager, and lastly, becoming a leader. The world is full of dreamers, and most people don’t get past that stage. Along with that, you need to be naïve enough to have this dream, because if you knew the pain and hard work it will take, then you would have most probably dismissed the idea from the very start. With some help, you can become an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs also fail because they can’t run their business. But if they succeed, they become managers. If managers grow really big, they must become successful leaders. However, to get through all those stages, always remember that you can’t do anything without a dream and a firm belief in its success. Unfortunately, it’s important to note that success doesn’t always equate to happiness – the lack of satisfaction is the price almost every entrepreneur has to pay, since they are never happy with what they have. Therefore, the constant hunt for happiness through success is what drives them further.


How did you build up your business plan and what was it based on?

When I first started, I didn’t even know what a business plan was. However, when I needed the money, I was forced to do a business plan. When I look back at it now, I realize it was too long and complicated, so I had to adapt and learn everything on the way.


Elaborate more on THE One’s responsibility.

Our responsibility is to do something good for the community that helps and aids people by building more schools in the world, spreading education, and helping people in need. Also, we started hiring special needs employees, which really puts a smile on their face and gives them opportunities they need and deserve. They spread so much happiness in the workplace, and are a pleasure to be around.


In what ways would you say is your project ‘inspirational?’

No one wants to work for a company with a bad reputation; on the contrary, they need to be in an environment of a company they look up to and feel inspired by. Hence, to be inspirational, a company needs a purpose. Our purpose is to change the world together and inspire people to do so, and make our customers and employees happy.


What is your message to the CEOs of today?

A CEO’s job is to be a leader, and as a leader you need to be educated. The world is shifting rapidly, and if you don’t adapt your company, someone else will do that for you, especially since being a CEO today is harder than ever. Therefore, go and educate yourself and try to understand what the future will hold.


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