“ Over the next few months, the PretMotif team will focus on student designers who have one unique aspect, that is, they want to bring real creativity to show to the world”


The fashion industry in the UAE has grown ten fold and has become an income generator to many in the business who have helped the industry grow. In this issue we meet with 39 year old, Tanveer Ahmed from PretMotif, a creative fashion agency in Dubai.


As a fashion and marketing management services agency since 2014, PretMotif has done a variety of work for the fashion industry by providing models, conducting fashion shows, choreography, workshops for catwalks, doing industry standard makeup on models and organising various fashion events.


Tanveer mentions numerous events that Pretmotif has successfully managed including StyloCity Dubai, Fashion Plus, Miss Asia Audition, UModel and Fashion Uptown. Following the success of these events, Tanveer and his team have started preparing for their upcoming event, the 2nd StyloCity Dubai and of course doing various profile shoots.


Tanveer studied Master of Business Administration (Service Marketing, Advertising, Brand Management, Media Planning and Management) and has a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering (Communication). He values his education and believes in quality while taking pride in his business.



He lives by the ethos to overcome the concept of following already existing trends and creating new trends that keep him and his team ahead of the game. PretMotif currently offers fashion and marketing management services, high-quality activities, and creative modeling services to numerous clients who are repeat customers because of their on time delivery and knowledge of the industry.


The PreMotif team get involved with the events from selecting the perfect venue to a creating a relevant theme of the show, taking the pressure off the client so they can focus on their creativity and preparing for their shows without any organisation stress.


Tanveer uses all his skills to ensure a seamless process is in place as he has experience with SPOC Training MEA and has done courses on Demand Planning, Financial Forecast, Proactive Skills Management of field resources of Oracle. He was with Sun Microsystems for three Years.


PretMotif also engage with youth in fashion. Recently PretMotif had University of Sharjah students at Fashion Plus Show 2016. Six students from the current batch and three alumni students showcased their work at Fashion Plus Show 2016 ramp. The objective was to provide a state of the art platform to young, new and energetic designers to start their career in the fashion design field effectively.


Tanveer’s inspiration came from a vision to explore the fashion industry. His journey to form a fashion agency happened gradually as after his MBA, he started with an Indian style boutique that he run successfully and later transformed into a fashion agency.


He learnt with experience that there are many branches of fashion that he can explore; however within the industry, the business model that inspires him most is the LVMH business model. Tanveer is inspired by their skills and expertise, acquisitions; brand creation and brand management, a fine control of multiple products are well controlled by LVMH.


Over the next few months, the PretMotif team will focus on student designers who have one unique aspect, that is, they want to bring real creativity to show to the world.


There is no eagerness to earn at this stage but rather to focus on creativity. With experience, Tanveer has learnt that student designers are much more creative than fashion design businesses, therefore he is more focused to provide a platform to these creative minds.


According to Tanveer, students will also have the privilege to show ideas to the real world that will provide collective leverage to the fashion design industry.


By Shereen Shabnam



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