Travel Gone Digital

There was a time a few years ago when I used to get excited about the fact that at a whim, I could go online and book myself a flight without having to drive to the middle of Deira and sit in front of a travel agent.


Now I have Apps from 3 different airlines on my iphone and I am able to do my travel bookings on the trot within a few minutes. The travel industry has gone digital right from the booking stage, through the journey and beyond.


From receiving boarding passes to the phone to touch screen entertainment on board, our lives revolve so much around new innovations, we often find ourselves being victims of digital disappointments.


Now my expectations of digital innovation has reached such levels that I get impatient if it takes more than a few seconds to get connected and heaven forbid if a gadget did not come with a touch screen.


Most of the frustrations come from the knowledge of what is possible and how things can be. We have become a generation so dependent on technology that there is no room to live in the moment.


Travelling has become a reporting exercise. We check in on our social media accounts from the airport informing the world where we are heading to followed by feeds across multiple social platforms posting photos, loading videos, snapchats and much more.


Every industry in this modern age is working towards providing the best in experience for their clients as a standard and the travel industry on ground, in the air and on water is catching on.


Navigation technologies can take us places today that we never thought was possible. When travelling locally or abroad, Uber is available on our phone and can show us our drivers name, his phone number and the car he is driving.


As companies within the travel industry catch up with technology, I have to admit that there are aspects of it that take the service levels up a notch.


Most hotels I have stayed in recently knew enough about me to greet me in the lobby as I arrived by name and left treats in the room that they knew I would enjoy from my social media accounts. Some may get nervous and see that as invasion of privacy but I love the comforts tailored to my tastes that come my way during my travel adventures.


My favourite innovation in travel is the e-gates. We have to admit that we are spoilt in Dubai with the seamless travel solutions that Dubai Airport constantly updates to make travel more convenient and enjoyable. No one likes long queues and it is a delight going through Dubai Airport using modern passport scanners.


Let’s face technology is here to stay and when it comes to travel, it has only made the experience seamless and easier in all aspects.


* Shereen Shabnam is a Dubai based Globalista and travel writer for international publications covering latest innovations for airlines, hotels, cruises, cars and hospitality.




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