JetSmarter entices travellers with new promotion

JetSmarter, the world’s leading private jet company launches new and exciting promotion this month of for non-members exclusively in Kuwait.


The leading private jet company is offering complimentary* seats on one-way private-jet flights from Kuwait to Dubai that are scheduled to fly on 1 September, 15 September and 29 September. The exclusive offer is limited to residents in Kuwait who download the JetSmarter app, or are existing non-members based in the country.


Sergey Petrossov, Founder and CEO of JetSmarter, said: “JetSmarter has revolutionized the aviation industry by making private flying accessible to the masses. This promotion is merely another way to introduce people to the luxurious experience of flying private with JetSmarter.”


In order to take advantage of this exclusive offer, JetSmarter app users should call them before September 29th to book their complimentary seat on the Kuwait to Dubai JetShuttle route.


Members of JetSmarter have access to the company’s JetShuttles, which are scheduled private flights between top destinations worldwide and across the region, including Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah and Kuwait. Members can book a complimentary seat on a JetShuttle in a matter of seconds and fly as frequently as they like.


JetSmarter recently launched its newest offering – “Create Your Own JetShuttle” – in the GCC region, which allows members to create new JetShuttles on existing routes if their preferred flights are not available. The app also enables members to charter their own flights using the JetCharter service.


Over the last year, the company has strategically grown throughout North America, the Middle East, and Europe, and provides 52% more flight options for its users through its main amenities: JetDeals, JetShuttle, and its JetCharter service. JetSmarter members in the GCC enjoy benefits such as charter, as well as unlimited free flights on scheduled JetShuttles.


JetSmarter has created a new class of air travel that is able to offer both custom charters and unused seats across thousands of flights.  By fundamentally rewiring the marketplace, JetSmarter has lowered the entry cost into the private aviation market, making it more available to travelers around the world. The JetSmarter app is available for iOS and Android.


*Complimentary JetShuttle™ flights are subject to availability and are offered on a first come first served basis. Flight schedules are subject to change. JetSmarter does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are performed by licensed air carriers.



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