How Big is Your Table?

The "How big is your Table" event was organized by Executive-Women at Boss Design Showroom, on Tuesday, October 11.


The evening reception had Assia Riccio, Founder of Evolvin’ Women talking about it, which explains that food brings people together; food is always the center point of the table whenever there is a topic to discuss or an argument to resolve.


Emotionally, Assia Riccio talked about how important is the dining table to her in terms of love, care, and support from people around for a specific occasion or a specific problem that needs solution.


"Support was learned in a very young age. Around the dining table are people who share love, care, and support. People that were expected to give support during bad moments or good moments were not around the table, and people that were never expected to share their support actually helped through bad and good moments."


Followed by Assia, our Executive Director Sylvie Kastoun has introduced Dr. Sawsan Al Madhi, Director General of Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) and Head of the Pink Caravan Medical and Awareness Committee who rose awareness for breast cancer and talked about the importance of knowing your risk and getting screened at early ages.


"Do not be afraid of cancer in general; do not let it kill you and take your life because cancer, especially breast cancer, is one of the most successful one with a high cure rate of 98 %. Breast cancer now is like a flu, you get it, treat it, and get over it."


This event was a step forward towards confidence and success as it helps women entrepreneurs connect with each other and creates new opportunities for their future goals.


The venue was decorated with pink roses from Forever Rose, with colorful paintings of the emerging international artist Shefali Ranthe.


Thanking all our partners and sponsors:

- Elements Catering

- Friends of Cancer Patients

- Pink Caravan

- Evolvin’ Women

- Forever Rose

- Herbal Essentials

- LivNordic Spa and Wellness


- Bourjois

- Rimmel

- Selva Middle East

- BOSS Design



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