Every moment counts

By Shereen Shabnam


As the winter approaches in the UAE and every industry gets busy, the expression ‘Every moment counts’ suddenly holds new meaning. Short moments may not seem significant independently, but before you know it, an entire day has gone by and you wonder where the time went.


Small measures of time, when put together can give you an extra hour at the spa, with your family, or allow you to dedicate time to a fulfilling hobby. Business leaders and entrepreneurs talk about the importance of planning and keeping a to-do list and other ways to ensure we make the most of our time as well so that every moment counts.


There are various Apps in the market that claim to get you organised but there is something fulfilling about crossing out tasks off a checklist. Writing tasks down gives you time to think about what you are putting on paper and how to achieve the tasks on hand.


Being a multipotentialite, I recently hit an all time low where I diversified into a project that took so much of my time, which I had not planned for, that my regular commitments suffered. Sometimes putting a value to every moment you spend can get you to prioritise and indicate how much you can really take on.


At the end of the day, most people want to spend as much time with the family as possible and it is a question of priorities. When I gave up an offer recently for a full time job that would have made me a millionaire easily in a year, my expat friends in the UAE could not understand it as most expats come to UAE to get a good job, save and leave and not see the bigger picture or make a long term commitment to stay in UAE and really experience the region mindfully.


My local friends however knew exactly why I made that decision and why I was a happier person being my own boss. It had nothing to do with the fact that I can earn a lot more than most PR and journalists who have spent over a decade here but more to do with me being able to go through a journey of discovery where I can live in the moment.


I want to explore the UAE and the world at the drop of a hat and that kind of freedom that only come when you remove yourself from a nine to five job, move away from material gains and place more value on experiences. One of the reasons why my villa has thousands of books is because my library allows me to escape into another world and imagine experiences in my mind that motivates me to delve further into more new experiences.


Every moment is valuable so make it count. Spend it with people you love, get work done faster by crossing out milestones so you have more time to love people around you and be able to travel and experience new things for there is so much out there to explore, discover and learn from.



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