How to Gain an Audience and Convert It to Your Next Talent Pool

Competition among companies and organizations for securing the best talent is non-stop and ever-growing. But as employers exert more effort in talent sourcing and hiring, job seekers find haven in their online presence to locate all the information they need and be more selective in searching and applying to job opportunities.


The result: securing the best talent is more and more dependent on the employer brand. By ’employer brand’, we do not simply mean the reputation of the company’s offerings, products and services, but a more comprehensive strategy for gaining a loyal fan base, securing long-term recruitment needs, and positioning the company as an ideal place for work and a great employer. So, no matter how fierce the competition gets, and how selective job seekers become, playing the right card will seamlessly attract the top talent and direct them right to the hiring business.  


According to the ‘Trends in Employer Branding in the Middle East and North Africa’ poll, the biggest benefits of employer branding are better employee engagement, higher job acceptance rates, recognition as an employer of choice, and easier sourcing and hiring of top talent. In a poll titled, ‘What Makes a Company an Attractive Place to Work?’, had already uncovered the secrets of great employer branding and revealed that seven in 10 professionals in the Middle East wouldn’t work for a company they aren’t proud of.


With three quarters of respondents across the Middle East saying that they check a company’s online profile before applying for a job, creating an influential and engaging employer brand through leading job sites, such as, is invaluable. Such tools allow the employer to move away from relying heavily on outward facing and advertisement driven employer branding, to a more credible approach that focuses on employee engagement and advocacy. Your employer brand is more than your products and services; it’s your culture, your employees, your vision, your goals, and your achievements. All of these elements should be communicated to your audience and celebrated with their help.


If you are still unsure about the benefits of employer branding as a hiring strategy, here are four ways you can use your online company profile on to gain and retain an audience that you can easily source talent from:


1. Featured profile

With a company profile on, you will be prominently featured in different places. Your profile will be promoted as a ‘recommended company to follow.’ This is a way for new professionals and potential employees to find you, follow your profile, and learn more about your company history, mission, vision, values, culture, news, and updates. Through an enriched and transparent online presence, you will have a much more engaged audience who will participate in your discussions and help promote your brand in the direction you desire.


2. Targeted Mailers

You no longer have to spend time and money pushing your message and brand to an irrelevant audience. You can use customized targeted mailers and send them to professionals who fit your niche and criteria. There are over 26 million job seekers on and your company profile will enable you to target specific locations, industries, experience levels, and reach your ideal audience. As a result, professionals who receive your information will be excited to follow and engage with your company profile as it is of interest and relevance to them.


3. Promoted Posts

Professional networking platforms are one of the easiest and most effective methods for engaging an audience, gaining new followers, and identifying new talent. Through the specialties platform, employers can actively engage in conversations with professionals in the region, ask questions, provide answer, and further establish their brand presence. Your company profile will allow you to promote your posts and news that you share on Specialties so that they gain more exposure and engagement from professionals using the platform.


4. Weekly Digest

With your constant updates, news, events, job openings, and other pieces of information, you need a regular outreach method to make sure these milestones gain the exposure they deserve. You also want to make sure that your audience does not forget about you as an ideal brand and an employer. You can send a weekly digest through your company profile to maintain regular contact and updates with your audience.



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