Read Up!


It is that time of the year when news of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature ventures into the city to celebrate the written and spoken word.


It is certainly the best time of the year and we get to fraternize with like-minded intellectuals at events who certainly are a breath of fresh air than the norm as people do not read anymore.


Some guests who visit my home see my libraries and thousands of books in every corner of my home as clutter whereas I see the books giving warmth and character to my home. I can’t imagine living in a space that had no books or magazines.


This year, the literature festival will once again host international and regional writers, poets, thinkers and speakers from around the world. The award-winning Festival aims to encourage literary conversation and discussions on big ideas through a diverse programme of events.


As a child I used to amuse myself with Reader’s Digest, Archie comics, Phantom and gradually moved on to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys before getting into serious literature.


High school literature is a great stepping-stone to getting to know classics. I appreciated this most when I completed my Masters Degree in World Literature as it opened my eyes to Pacific, Asian, Middle Eastern and American literature in depth.


The new generation is more into electronics so I have started my teenager reading on tablets and phone. The result is that instead of reading her usual six books in eight weeks from the library, she reads a lot more now and gets to explore a lot more variety of authors.


Reading has many benefits. It improves your verbal abilities, improves focus and concentration, improves memory, helps with imagination and makes you smarter. Books at home have been strongly linked to academic achievement as they make you smarter and develop knowledge and conversation skills.


The best thing about reading is that it helps discover personal tastes and preferences. We find out our sense of humor, wit and imagination and get an opportunity to amuse ourselves with a genre that makes us most happy and content. Try and attend the literature festival in Dubai to explore a whole new world of books for your reading pleasure.


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