The Fragrance Business Interview with Cindy Guillemant, the founder & CEO of Moresque

To run a fragrance business with best practices with a focus on quality requires a lot of hard work, patience and passion for the perfume industry. We met with Cindy Guillemant, the founder & CEO of Moresque during her last visit to Dubai.


She gives us more details in an interview at the Dubai Mall.


Were you always interested in perfumes or is it an interest that developed over time?

I completed my MBA in International Business in Florida and built my career between Monte Carlo, Paris, Miami and Milan. I always used perfumes but my grandmother instilled in me a real love for fragrances and provided me with knowledge that motivated me to delve into this industry.


I still rediscover my grandmother’s knowledge even today with all the scents I collect from around the world through their volatile notes, essences and the most mysterious and profound flavors.


How did the journey begin?

It really took life with a bottle that would contain the combination of Italian taste and Arabic charm. I met with Perfumer Andrea Casotti and we have the same way of “feeling” things and of approaching them with a critical perspective. Our common passions for modern art and for the world of perfumes led us to develop the Moresque project.


Was it tough to start the perfume business?

It took method, dedication, tenacity and creativity. I devoted myself to the project from concept to launch and with good collaboration, team and suppliers, we deliver a premium fragrance brand to our clients.


Tell us a bit about your GOLD COLLECTION?

Our research brings to light its fourth collection which is the GOLD COLLECTION - Three olfactory jewels captured in bottles painted with pure gold. Gold is the dominant theme of the GOLD COLLECTION, a concentration of nobility and brilliance. The most desired metal reflects the spirit and expression of wealth as well as the emotions that gold conveys: patience, amazement, wonder.


Tell us about the three fragrances in this collection?

In FIAMMA, calmness and heat are in every breath, and at the core of the bouquet that reveals a surprising accord of Musk, Resins, Amber and Leather matched with sweet hints of Honey and Vanilla.


AURUM is a bright fragrance with a sweet and sensual soul. The base accords close the dance with Guaiac wood, a refined and nuanced note extracted from a special plant.


OROLUNA is an ethereal and mystical fragrance. Cardamom, Pink Pepper and Grapefruit tease the sense of smell and anticipate the profound woody notes. The most precious Oud gives a three-dimensional feel to the composition and, along with musk, adds a graceful and unmistakable touch.


What inspired you to produce this collection?

The three fragrances are inspired by nature’s essential elements - water, fire and air - in a crescendo of sophistication and refinement. It is a collection that safeguards the oldest and traditional recipes of Arabic perfumery. This exceptional know-how dates back to the dawn of time. It is a tribute to tradition, as well as an elegant allusion to the Arabic men's cloaks (Bisht) rich in ornaments and precious embroideries, and worn for important occasions.


We love the bottles your perfumes come in. Do you design it yourself?

The GOLD COLLECTION’s bottles are jewels of art, made by renowned Tuscan decorators who, from generation to generation, pass on their secrets such that each piece is unique and inimitable. Each reference is a treasure of absolute Italian craftsmanship that encapsulates the mastery in the art of grinding as well as the purity of gold applied by brush.



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