How Employer Tests Lead to More Confident Hiring

Hiring practices in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) may differ from country to country and industry to industry. The type of position on hand will also have an influence on the most appropriate talent screening and skill verification tools.


One of the most common and highly effective tools that can be used during the talent screening and hiring process is employer tests.


Employer tests are pre-employment, psychometric assessments that are designed to measure and rank applicants in particular skills, traits, technical qualifications, and/or overall personality. These can include a variety of formats such as standardized tests, aptitude measurements, personality tests, skill-based assessments, and technical assessments.


In fact, employer tests cover a wide range of topics that are of relevance to just about every field of work and every industry in the MENA region.


Why should employer tests be used?

In today’s fast-paced world and highly competitive job market, recruiters and managers are often bombarded with a huge pile of applications for every vacancy they announce. Screening talent and verifying their skills can quickly become a cumbersome process.

But there is a great benefit in using psychometric tests. Psychometric tests can save the employer or recruiter a great deal of time since the competency-based questions, scoring, as well as reporting are all automatically generated


Additionally, certain skills and competencies can be tested more effectively by conducting a standardized assessment, in which it is guaranteed that you are applying the same set of measurements and conditions to assess and compare your job candidates fairly and thoroughly.


It is very hard to measure and compare certain qualifications qualitatively or by verbally posing questions during the job interview. Having a quantified value or a score associated with each candidate is a much easier method for contrasting qualifications and making the hiring decision in less time and with more assurance.


Can soft skills be tested before hiring?

Soft skills are very important in today’s workplace. As seen in the Middle East Job Index Survey, which surveys thousands of employers in the MENA region, the most sought after skills are, and have been for a few years, soft-skills. Good communication skills (68%) emerge as the top attribute that employers look for in a candidate. Being a team player (51%) and having the ability to work under pressure (47%) are the next two important skills sought by employers.


During a job interview, or when looking at a candidate’s file, quantifying and assessing soft skills may be very challenging. This is why online assessments and employer tests can be highly useful to measure these tricky areas, assign scores, rank candidates, and compare them against each other.


Who is using employer tests?

More than four out of 10 companies in the MENA region use online psychometric tests and academic certificates as part of their screening and hiring process, according to the Hiring Practices in the Middle East and North Africa Survey.


Even from an employee perspective, many find tests and assessments to be useful. Nearly two thirds (63%) of professionals polled by believe that companies should start offering psychometric testing for employees and 68% of polled professionals indicated that, though they have never undertaken a psychometric test before, they would like to do so.


Where to find employer tests?

Employer tests are available online through leading job sites such as More and more employers across the MENA region are utilizing these tests because they are ideal for confirming skills and competencies, automatically generating scores and reports, analyzing competencies in each section and sub-section, comparing candidates, and ultimately making a much more confident hiring decision.


Using, employers are able to choose from over 500 tests that cover a wide range of job roles, skills, and expertise domains. The topics range from English proficiency, personality and IQ testing, and all the way to technology and aptitude assessments. These tests have been, and continue to be, used by employers in many fields of work including engineering, sales and marketing, banking and finance, technology, hospitality, and more.


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