The Cribb Incubator: The Place To Be For Startups

Being a part of The Cribb unveiled to me the vibrant and ever so exciting lives of the countless Dubai entrepreneurs from around the world. It is a pleasant surprise to witness how The Cribb has grown during its first year and has supported the startup community in Dubai in so many ways.


For tech and media entrepreneurs, The Cribb is one of the coolest spaces to work from. Equipped with two meeting rooms, a phone booth, a printer and an on site cantina, it provides all the infrastructure needs of an entrepreneur, so they can focus on what matters the most to them: building a spectacular startup that – as Steve Jobs would put it – “make a dent in the universe.” The Cribb isn’t only comfortable and convenient to work from, but it also encourages interaction and communication between the startups sharing the space thanks to its open workspace setting, which results in valuable information and advice being exchanged or even partnerships and deals being struck.  



With startups from all around the world choosing to work from here, the place radiates with the international startup spirit. Our startups are shaping up to become more of a family. They extend help and guidance to each other in a way that cannot be found elsewhere.


Bi-weekly events are held here with subjects that matter to the startup founders here as well as entrepreneurs from the community. Attendees not only benefit from the information presented, they also meet like-minded people and sometimes end up as their co-founders. That’s exactly what happened with Vidium App co-founder, who were then accepted by TURN8 accelerator and launched Vidium.


The Cribb also hosts global events that allow the winners to participate in overseas competitions like TechCrunch and Seedstars. Providing such opportunities to our ecosystem is something we take pride in.


To extend our services, we launched DevBuild and Media Lab as an answer to the customer needs. In DevBuild we help startups build their app or website or just give support and enhancement to what they have already built. In Media Lab, we provide everything needed to produce an awesome video, which is something most startups need for their website or pitch. Long story short? We study the ecosystem, figure out the needs and problems of these entrepreneurs and then come up with a service/solution that solves them. 


The Cribb is also home to TURN8 startups, a seed funding accelerator that is an initiative for DP world. TURN8 holds pitching events in locations all over the world and hosts the winning startups in Dubai for four months for the lifetime chance of building their business.


The chosen startups go through three phases that last for 120 days before graduating the program: the design, launch and prototype. At the end of the program the entrepreneurs attend Demo Day where they get to pitch for investors and try to get further investment.


Working from such a vibrant startup incubator has given me the opportunity to meet innovative startups from all around the world in one place.


About Alaa Ameen


Alaa Ameen is a coordinator at The Cribb. She spends most of her time helping startups or writing about them. You can follow her here: @AlaJAmeen 


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