How to Hire Great People for Your SME

Without a doubt, the success of your business is in the hands of your employees. Employees take tens of decisions on your behalf on a daily basis, and if the sum of those decisions is positive, the outcome will undoubtedly be successful. Yet, some business leaders still have an awry and half-hearted approach to hiring employees for their company.


Hiring great people isn’t as simple as posting a job advertisement and expecting to get the best results. You need to have a solid hiring strategy in place in order to attract top talent in an increasingly competitive market. This should be addressed with the same degree of professionalism as you would the development of a strategic plan or new product.


In this article, the experts suggest some tips to help you find and hire the best talents out there:


1. Create a winning mission and vision and stick to it

Sourcing and hiring talent is directly related to your corporate image and breadth of view. Work on creating a winning and sincere philosophy for your company, and clearly describe how this philosophy relates to your work culture, structure and values. 1 out of every 2 professionals in the Middle East want to work in a place where they feel they are working for a greater purpose, as stated in the ‘What Makes a Company an Attractive Place to Work?’ poll, February 2014. The best companies are ones that have successfully built trust-based cultures, developed strong relationships with employees, and have put in place continuous improvement programs to develop their workplace cultures.


2. Become an employer of choice

Now that you have spent some time deciding on how you want your company to be perceived, it’s time to let the world know. Branding your company as an employer of choice is the best way to do so. For four consecutive years, was awarded a top 10 slot in the Great Places to Work rankings. As a people-centric company in a people-centric arena that thrives on making this region a better place, we start with our own team’s lives and livelihoods. So what, you may ask, makes consistently a Great Place to Work? The answer is very simple: At, our most important asset is our people. We put considerable time and effort to ensure that we have an empowering, ethical, and kind culture that focuses on continuous innovation, full transparency, and the best ways to reward and motivate.


3. Give a boost to your hiring process

Improving your hiring practices can go a long way in recruiting only the best. Write effective job descriptions. When screening candidate CVs, always check for relevancy and special achievements. During the job interview, be prepared beforehand by going in with a set of customized questions for each candidate. But most importantly, and in all cases, notify candidates of your hiring decision. 60% of professionals in the Middle East feel that the most harmful thing a company can do for its brand is to not follow up or communicate after a job application, as revealed in the ‘What Makes a Company an Attractive Place to Work?’ poll, February 2014.


4. Let your employees be your brand ambassadors

A transparent work environment not only ensures that your employees stay motivated and put in their best in what they do, but it also attracts the best talents to your organization. People want to work in an organization where they feel their opinion is valued, where their managers and peers are honest with them and where they find stability and consistency. In the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), 30% of professionals feel that communication channels in their company are not open enough, according to the ‘Employee Engagement in the MENA’ poll, April 2014. Focusing on transparency and frequent communication at the workplace will cut down concerns and fears that employees and managers tend to have. Transparency allows everyone to be able to focus on their work by reducing complacency, inspiring people to think creatively and motivating them to execute their work efficiently.


5. Create a solid employee referral system

Employee referrals work like a charm and are cost effective. Your employees know the type of people needed for your company as they are aware of your SME’s working style and culture. They would always think twice before referring employees for your company, as their name is on the line as well. Your employee referral system could be based on cash rewards upon confirmation, or perks like a day or two off.  At, we always hire people that fit with our values. Our interviews and assessments measure cultural fit and excellent performance, which is why our teams always work so well together, regardless of what they do or which department they work in.


6. Choose the best hiring tools for your needs

You can enhance your search for the right employee by using the right tools.  For example, if you are short on time, searching through a CV database of active and passive jobseekers can help you get results quickly. The CV Search tool allows you to get access to over 20 million professional CVs. CV Search offers you comprehensive filtering and search tools and helps you pinpoint the perfect candidate for any given position at any given time.


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