5 tips to increase your productivity

Feeling lazy? Here are some tips to increase your productivity at workplace.


Productivity is the core foundation for successful functioning of a business. If the management fails to be efficient and productive, achieving targets and extracting required outcomes becomes difficult.

Here are five simple ways to increase productivity and as a result yield positive results.


1. Plan

Planning and productivity go hand in hand. Planning on each level of management, as well as personal planning, is crucial for obtaining maximum outcome from businesses.

Make sure to have an annual plan, a quarterly plan, a monthly plan and a daily plan. Try to encourage your employees to do the same.


As it is popularly preached, the key to achieving your goals is to know what you wish to achieve and how you plan on achieving it. Once the aims have been identified and the guidelines for achieving those aims are set, the path to reaching your goals becomes easy.


List down targets in order from most important to the least. Once priorities have been set, give yourself a deadline. Keep a “to do” list on the side, so as to keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done. Be sure to keep limitations in mind, give yourself extra time than estimated to be on the safer side and carry the plan out well, with efficiency.

This entire process will not only ease your way to being productive, but will also serve as a motivational factor which will push you to carry on and do better.


2. Get going

The first step to getting anything done is to start doing it. Do not procrastinate. Start with the projects as you planned and when you planned. Once you get your head in the game, the rest gradually starts to take shape and eventually falls into place.


3. Pro Techno

In the modern times, when average speed of typing is 40 words per minute, if you decide to resort to old school pen and paper style of working, you are surely to slowdown, and catching up with the constantly evolving business environment will become impossible. Cope- up with modern technology, it will prove beneficial in terms of time and efficient in terms of saving other resources.


4. Work as a team

For effective productivity, it is important that work is distributed equally amongst employees. Divide work between your employees and yourself, keeping in mind the ability and skills of each. Too many chefs spoil the dish, but at the same time too much workload on one person will lead to disastrous results.

Also, make sure to communicate properly, to confirm that everybody understands what needs to be done and stays on the same page. Teamwork is essential for smooth functioning of business.


5. Timeout

Giving yourself a break is as important as working effectively. Productivity is bound to reduce if you go over the limits of what your body and mind allow. Breaks are important to refresh your mind, and to regain concentration. While you are on your break, try to exercise your body, do some stretching exercises. If your work demands you to sit all day, make it a habit to keep your body active during your break, in order to stay healthy. You can only give your 100% to work when your body remains healthy.



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