Forget the weakest link …. ACE that interview!

Ok, so on paper you are at the same level as everyone else going for that amazing job. What is going to set you apart from the competition and ensure the people interviewing will have no doubt that you are the one for them?


Here are my five top tips for standing out from the crown and ace-ing that interview:


  1. Think about your personal brand. Consider what you are going to wear, first impressions really do count.  What is the accepted and expected ‘uniform’ of the company? If you don’t know, find out. Wearing a sharp suit and killer heels (women) may not be appropriate. However, making sure you have showered, have clean hair, clean and ironed clothes, clean and un-scuffed shoes, clean hands and nails, is appropriate, regardless of the dress code and regardless of gender. If you can’t be bothered to make an effort for the interview, what message are you giving about your commitment to do the job?


  1. Be aware of your body language. Think about your posture, from the first moment you are seen your body language needs to be giving out the message of confidence. Ensure you stand and sit upright, have open body language, maintain good eye contact, smile, always look interested and don’t fiddle! If you know you have a nervous ‘fiddle’ remove any offending items – rings, pens etc. And, always walk towards the person meeting you and anyone else on the panel, smile, hold out your hand to shake hands, introduce yourself and say how glad you are to meet them all.


  1. Do your research. Research the company, the position, the people you are meeting: what is their history – are they Investors in People; Top Ten companies to work for; what is their corporate social responsibility agenda; their diversity agenda; do they have a charitable foundation they link to; what are their growth plans for the next five years and how would you see yourself fitting into those plans and adding benefit.


  1. Prepare a selection of questions to ask them. Remember, the interview process is two-way. You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. What are your values and beliefs and does the company match those? If they don’t neither of you will get along. How does their ethos fit with how you live your life?


  1. Before the interview sit down and write a list of up to five reasons why ‘you’ would employ ‘you’. What are the key things you would employ yourself to deliver? Really think outside the box, not just in relation to your past job or the one you are applying for. Think about everything you do as a whole person, because it is your whole person you are taking to work. What skills and talents do you possess as a human being that you can transfer into the workplace to be of mutual benefit?


Finally, go in with the right, positive, attitude, remembering the quote from Henry Ford:

 “There are two kinds of people in the world, those who think they cannot, and those who think they can and they are both right!”


About Katie Day

Katie Day is the Director of RDPI Ltd. She is a published author, established trainer, consultant, business coach and speaker experienced in working with all sectors. Katie is fully trained and accredited to deliver a range of personality profiling tools to assist individuals and organizations with their personal and corporate development, communications, team building and leadership expertise.


Katie is the Winner of WEConnect International, Global Pitch Competition, Philadelphia 2014. Her new Book, The High-heeled Leader, is available on Amazon.


She can be reached at:




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