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Simone Milasas, a business expert, author and session facilitator of Joy of Business was recently visiting Dubai for a three-day workshop, where she advised participants on unique business insights covering business idea generation, creation implementation, and overcoming of challenges under the Joy of Business brand. Capital Business met with Simone and brings to you the best practices she shared with us!


How do you define access consciousness?

Access consciousness is a set of tools and processes designed to change any area of one’s life that they think is not working for them.


By asking questions, people are willing to change any situation that occurs. When in difficulty, they should start with asking “who does this [situation] belong to?” and “If I were choosing my reality right now, what would I choose?” When people are cranky, angry or stressed, they need to ask themselves “is this actually my stress?”. They need to understand that 99% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are not ours and we can change any situation.


According to you, how is business done differently?

Everyone has judgements, limitations and conclusions about what business is. People need to change the fixed perception they to have about business and money and instead try to create something new, something they truly desire.


What is your take on people who are in doubt about their skills and competences?

Doubt is something that distracts you from what you can actually create. I don’t have a degree in business, but what I do have is the joy of business. Thus, I could have doubts when it comes to talking about business, but I have worked in many different industries and I have done many different things that are far greater than getting a college degree in business or marketing.


People should ask themselves: “What if I didn’t doubt myself, what would I choose?”


What would be the top tips you could give to businesspersons in order to flourish and excel in their careers?

1-     Don’t judge. Get out of judgement, and don’t judge anyone else.

2-     Be grateful. Be grateful for everything that shows up, even when a costumer or a client, or a situation doesn’t show up according to your plans, be grateful, because you never know what you can get out of it.

3-     Choice creates awareness. Everything you choose has another awareness.

4-     Ask questions. Ask yourself every day, if I were creating my reality, money flows or business today, what would I choose?

5-     Money follows joy. Joy doesn’t follow money. People believe that money creates happiness; however, it is not always the case. If you are joyful and happy, money will show up.


In your opinion, what is the recipe to find the right balance between personal life and business life?


Don’t separate them. That is one of the oddest things because most people think the opposite.


One hour a day and one day a week can nurture you, whatever that may be and this differs from a person to another.


The best thing is to not switch off. Sometimes, I personally get ideas while I am walking my dog on the beach, thus I take my phone with me and write messages. I don’t switch off.



*Interview conducted by Jenny Kassis, Executive Editor 


About Simone Milasas

Simone Milasas, Author of Joy of Business, is a dynamic business leader who founded and operated many businesses from a young age and always done business differently. Today, she is a director of multiple companies. For the last 13 years, Simone has been the worldwide co-ordinator of Access Consciousness helping grow the business into a multi-million dollar company operating in 173 countries.


Simone is a business mentor that helps people to play a bigger game in both business and their personal life. She is currently writing her second book from Debt to Money Play.




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