Interview with Nadine Chammas, Founder of The Life Director

‘Practice, Practice, Practice.’


‘Sometimes you find yourself in the audience watching your life on stage, sometimes you are in the backstage preparing yourself to come out, and sometimes you are under the spot light being who you are and doing what you love.’


Nadine is a positive lifestyle specialist, in other words a qualified life coach with range of certifications and over 20 years of experience. Nadine’s story began in her home country of Lebanon where her passion for performing on stage led her to graduate from The Lebanese University of Fine Arts as an actress and director. Shortly after moving to Dubai in 1999, Nadine founded the “Scenez Group Productions Company.” In 2005, Scenez Drama and Arts Academy was born in DUCTAC where Nadine was the director and producer. Her broad experience in edutainment and teaching, and her love of making people’s lives better, led her to a certification in NLP coaching. Today, she coaches individuals, runs corporate coaching ‘shows’ in a fun, entertaining manner for large business, and does TV coaching segments on overcoming phobias.


1. Could you tell us more about your educational background and what did your path in Scenez teach you afterwards?


I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Acting and Directing from the Lebanese University of Fine Arts in Beirut. The stage always fascinated me and I started my first theatre appearance as a professional Singer when I was 16. At that time I wanted to become an architect and singing was just a hobby. During my first university year, I was enrolled at the school of Architecture; however, I ended up spending most of my time at the theatre department! This is how I knew that my passion was there, despite the fact that my architecture grades were very good. So I changed major, and thank God I did! Since my sisters and I share the same passion for theatre, we created Scenez Group, our first production company in Dubai. We worked for the UAE government’s DSS and DSF and produced hundreds of musical theatre plays, large international shows, customized events, and major opening ceremonies. On the other hand, we founded Scenez Drama and Arts Academy at DUCTAC to promote teaching and producing theatre plays. We introduced Drama Therapy and graduated more than 250 Dubai students with amazing results. After the 2008 crisis, my sisters decided to go back to Lebanon and I stayed here with my husband and kids. I felt so empty. We used to work 24/7, creating, producing acting … and this is when I decided to continue with our vision of educating the new generation through entertainment. I founded Super Dooper Kids edutainment centre. A place for kids to express themselves through music, arts and acting. I learned that the vision is stronger than the events and whatever your situation is, you can always rely on your creativity to show you new perspectives and new concepts and different points of view.


2. Did your experience in TV get you to firmly believe that one can be the director of one’s own life?


My experience in Life led me to believe that we are living in a big theatre called “Life”, and we are constantly changing roles and positions. Sometimes you find yourself in the audience watching your life on stage, sometimes you are in the backstage preparing yourself to come out and sometimes you are under the spot light being who you are and doing what you love. Each director has a different way in reading and directing a given script, so what if we play the role of the director to direct our own life script? How will we do it? I encourage people to write the story of their life and I will with them how to direct their script positively and write their future successful script.


3. Don’t you think that external circumstances can stand in people’s way when it comes to achieving their goals?


I believe that every circumstance is an opportunity to learn and grow. We should look at those from a different perspective to understand why these situations occurred and what are those teaching us. Once we do understand that and see the circumstance from a positive perspective, we will be able to achieve our goals and get aligned with our life purpose.


4. NLP is a long process and procedure one needs to go through in order to have that mind switch. What would be the daily ‘recipes’ to adopt though?

Practice, Practice, Practice. NLP tools and techniques are very effective and help you live a positive and healthy lifestyle, and like any new habit that you are installing in your unconscious mind, it needs practice. I do practice positive affirmations every day, I meditate, I practice gratitude and these practices make me feel balanced and cantered.


5. What about dress to impress? What is your inner dress?

I love fashion and I love to get dressed up and even design my own gowns but all that is external. My inner dress is PEACE, listening to others view points and acknowledging them. My inner dress is positivity and seeing a glass always half full. It is simply to be myself and live my life following my core values.


6. “If you could ONLY change ONE THING in your life, what would it be?”

If you asked me this question five years ago, I would have said I would change everything. Today I appreciate my life, I love every day of my life, I’m grateful for my past and enjoying my present and looking forward for my future.


7. Now that you might have reached where you want to be, what is your ultimate life goal?

My ultimate life goal is to stay aligned with my life purpose in everything I do. I believe that we keep on adding goals to ensure our goals stay connected with life and serve our purpose. My mission is to put smiles on people’s faces and build a new generation of empowerment, faith and success I always refer to quotes and affirmations and this is one of the affirmations that live by: “The purpose of your life is to serve in a way that brings great joy to yourself and others. Don’t worry about finding your purpose, instead, focus upon serving a purpose, and then your purpose will serve you.”


8. Any message to women who would like to do it their way but are still stuck in their birdcage?

My message to every woman is to look inward and look for the treasure that is innate within her and use her powers and strengths to make a difference and make this planet a better place. I encourage every woman to learn about self-love and self-care and implement those practices in their daily lives. Once they do, they will experience magical shifts in their lives…it will simply happen that way. As Harvey Specter said: “Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well, make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want!”


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