Set Sail into a Culinary Dream: Marta’s Kitchen and Royal Yachts Announce Partnership

Boutique catering company, Marta’s Kitchen partnered with reputed yacht charter company, Royal Yachts. Now curating memorable experiences, Marta’s Kitchen and Royal Yachts embark on a journey to marry opulence with style. Dedicated to providing bespoke and memorable experiences to their customers both companies work to deliver high quality product and service to Dubai’s discerning audiences.


For family celebrations or even corporate gatherings set at sea, Marta’s Kitchen is able to provide the most beautiful culinary creations and event concepts befitting of any festivity.


From pass around canapés and buffet set ups, to a meticulously prepared sit-down dinner, Marta’s Kitchen is dedicated to making each event memorable. From adrenaline highs to sunset wind downs, this bespoke partnership curates moments for your every mood.


Together, Marta’s Kitchen and Royal Yachts create unforgettable experiences garnished with perfectly plated edible moments. We speak with founder Marta Yanci while cruising on Royal Yachts.


1.    What is your signature dish?

It is difficult to choose just one! I change my menu as much as I can and even the same dish evolves throughout time.


2.  Where do your source your ingredients?

We have a variety of suppliers. We try to ensure in terms of fruits and vegetables, we can get as much as possible local.

I can also proudly say that we are now sourcing part of our fresh herbs from our own edible garden!


3. We notice you use homegrown garnishes in your cuisine. Can you tell us more about this?

This has always been a dream of mine! Having my own edible garden, and it finally came true! We are growing everything from tomatoes to okra, different types of chillies, edible flowers and herbs. Everything is pesticide free and organic. There is something very special about growing your own stuff and being able to provide that produce to your clients.


4. Tell us a bit about your collaboration with Royal Yachts and if you have similar partnerships with other organisations?

RY and MK started collaborating about a month ago and it seems to be a perfect partnership! They offer luxurious experiences going the extra mile to ensure client’s satisfaction. And we also go the extra mile to adapt to our clients’ needs. All the yachts available have fantastic equipped kitchens, which makes our work a lot easier. We do everything, from 3 hour cruises with some canapes or a BBQ, to 12 hour cruises with formal plated lunches and dinners. We are focused on customer’s satisfaction and ensure we deliver!


5. Can you share a bit about your experience as a female entrepreneur in the UAE?

So far it has been a good experience! I have faced challenges at the beginning like everybody else I would imagine, regardless of gender.


The hardest part, as a woman, is combining business with family life. I have 2 young boys and they are my priority. So I will work very early in the morning, before they wake up, and work when they are in school. I ensure my afternoons are theirs and will go back to work in the evening, when they are watching TV or are in bed.


By Shereen Shabnam



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