M.A.D.Gallery exclusive: EVE MK II, a futuristic Art Motorcycle by Bandit9!

An evolution of the highly sought-after EVE, the EVE MK II limited to 9 pieces only once again merges art with machine. This custom creation is designed and handcrafted by Bandit9, a Saigon-based workshop known for breaking the mould and building bespoke bikes with a futuristic design.


“While everyone tends to go old-school on their custom designs with a few tweaks to make it look current, we tend to ignore the past and just make leaps forward,” says Daryl Villanueva, the energetic and inquisitive “Bandit Chief.”


Starting life as a 1967 Honda Supersport, the audacious EVE MK II boasts bold, clean lines and shiny chrome finishes. It takes shape with beautifully-handcrafted details such as a unibody tank in a sleek bullet shape and a so-called X Cowl executed in steel. A cowhide leather seat is worked into the elongated unibody tank while a custom exhaust, exposed suspension, and an electric starter complete the technical details of the bike’s innovative design.



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