Nirvana Travel and Tourism are exclusive agents for Fly Egypt in the UAE

Direct flights from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Airport to Alexandria for tourism


Nirvana Travel and Tourism announced the exclusive agreement with the Egyptian aviation company, “Fly Egypt” to become the exclusive distributor in the United Arab Emirates.


Under the agreement, Nirvana Travel & Tourism will be the exclusive agent for all the company’s sales in the UAE. In addition, Fly Egypt has announced that it will conduct three direct flights every week from the Abu Dhabi International Airport to Borg El Arab Airport in Alexandria becoming an average of a day trip as of May 2017.


Mr. Alaa Al Ali, CEO of Nirvana for Travel and Tourism expressed his liking of the collaboration while saying, “We are pleased to be the exclusive agent for sales of the company ‘Fly Egypt; to fly in the United Arab Emirates to serve passengers to Alexandria from the Abu Dhabi International Airport directly.


“The collaboration will enhance tourism, economic and trade cooperation between the UAE and the Arab Republic of Egypt at a rate of three flights per week between Abu Dhabi Airport and Borg El Arab Airport, effective of 20 November 2016. To become the average of daily flights starting in May 2017.


Ali said, “We are pleased that Nirvana Travel & Tourism is promoting the city of Alexandria, the Mediterranean Mermaid and the second largest Egyptian city, which was chosen as the capital of Arab Tourism for the year 2010.


He said that this new agreement with “Fly Egypt” aviation has been done in time to meet the growing demand for travel between the UAE and the Arab Republic of Eqypt pointing out that the city of Alexandria is known for its cultural diversity and ancient civilizations and facilities that tourists enjoy on the Mediterranean shore.”


For his part, Captain Ahmed Tarek Talaat, Chief executive and managing director of ‘Fly Egypt’ said, “We believe that this agreement has reached one of the main achievement of the company since we are looking forward to the travel and tourism market in the United Arab Emirates, based on the historical close relations between the two brotherly countries in various fields.”


He added, “We are delighted to launch the new route between Abu Dhabi and Alexandria to serve tourism and holidays and we expect that the convergence of prices and holiday packages offered by Nirvana to kick start the “Fly Egypt” operations quickly due to the desire of people to travel to Alexandria and the Egyptian Delta in general.”


It is noteworthy that the company ‘Fly Egypt’ airline will operate aircrafts from the B737-800 aircraft to transport passengers to this destination in Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.


The captain, Ahmed Tarek Talaat will be offering the best services and prices soon to our flights from the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, which is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the region.”


We hope that the collaboration contributes to the new line of the company between Abu Dhabi and Alexandria in the revitalization of travel and tourism to the Mediterranean Sea which is characterized by a civilized and cultural history reinforcing its position, noting that the choice of the city of Alexandria as a new destination for the company ‘Fly Egypt’ aviation was due to the increasing number of tourists from UAE and the Arab Gulf region and to serve the Egyptian community as well.”